I ran a series of reminiscence workshops along with artist Chemaine Cooke and independent living accommodation residents in Bradford. Participants told us about what life was like growing up, where they worked, where they danced; we listened to their favourite pieces of music and sang songs. I created photographic portraits of everyone and also photographed the various sites we had reminisced about including the parks and dance halls where they met their friends and husbands. 
In the style of Hockney’s photo-montages, I created a large scale triptych of artworks containing hundreds of photographs resulting in a 4.5m wide piece. This was installed in the grounds of Cartwright Hall Museum and Gallery in Bradford. The project marked the 80thbirthday of David Hockney and celebrated the opening of the new Hockney gallery in Cartwright Hall.
Commission – large scale outdoor photographic piece
For: The Brick Box and Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Hockney’s 80thbirthday celebrations
Launch of Hockney Gallery at Cartwright Hall
Summer 2017
Funders: Arts Council England
Role: Artist
Outcomes: Large scale photographic work, workshops
Keywords: Participation, public realm, photo collage, reminiscence, older people
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